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T & P
T & P Policy
The aim of this policy is to lay down guidelines to:
  • Create job profiles for engineers.
  • Identify knowledge skills, attitude matrices for each job profile.
  • Identify areas of training & various methods as per the training requirement.
  • Formulate sequence of activities for engineers to meet the training schedules for appropriate placement.
  • Modalities followed for Placement during the Final Year

Creation of Job Profiles for Fresh Graduate Engineers

The T&P cell should create job Profile of every students at the end of I semester. The students shall be categorized as per the branch / willingness for doing Job / willingness for doing Business / willingness for perusing higher studies.

Identifying the Knowledge, Skills, attitude (KSA ) Matrix for the Graduate Engineers
An appropriate KSA matrix is extremely important for being successful for getting a good placement as also for a successful career. 
T&P cell shall identify and arrange a scientific methodology like Psychometric test or Self analysis test to handle aforesaid task. This activity shall be done before completion of Second semester. At the end of Second semester the T&P cell shall be ready with the database of every student categorized according to their interest area.
The T&P cell shall prepare database of companies / Institution related to every branch and the probable companies / Institutions shall be match with the job profile of the students.
The students willing to go for Entrepreneurship shall be handled separately and skilled professionals shall be invited to guide them in setting up any Industry/company.
For the Students who wants to pursue higher studies , T& P cell shall have database of different courses / Institutions and the modalities requires to get admission for these courses.
Identify areas of training & various methods as per the training requirement
  • Industry Visits.
  • Guest Lectures.
  • Workshops
  • Training in Soft Skills.
    • Appearance and body language:
    •  EQ and IQ:
    • Team work:
    • Leadership:
    • Group Discussion:
    • Creativity:  
    • Interview technique:
    • Communication:
    • Business Correspondence:

Sequence of activities for Students to meet the training schedules for appropriate placement.

After Identifying areas of training for appropriate placement. The T&P cell shall perform a task of imparting this training to students. For the same T& P cell shall perform following activities.
1. Arrange seminars of different agencies who are expert in the field of providing aforesaid skills.
2.  Identify the agency appropriate to the college by taking feedback from students and after consultation of Principal of the Institution.
3. Training shall be start at the beginning of the sixth semester or at the end of Fifth semester.
4. Refresher course should be arranged at the beginning of the final semester.
5. Students should be encouraged to start their own preparation of the campus Interview after completion of training session and before start of refresher session.
6. T&P cell shall provide adequate infrastructure / facilities to conduct aforesaid activities.
Modalities followed for Placement during the Final Year

During the final year of B.E the concerned student must be ready for apprenticeship/ pre employment training in the company premises. In fact the latter half of the last semester should be spent by the students on the job training.  It must be very clearly understood by all students that placement/ type of placement depends on their performance in the course as also during the placement interviews. The placement cell can only help the student in preparation and visibility. Following activities will be under taken during the final year:-

  • Preparation and distribution of placement brochures to the companies.
  • Lectures by the HR heads.
  • Placement related seminars, workshops, 
  • Campus recruitment.
  • Off campus recruitments.
  • Increased quantum of PDP, group discussions, job interview training.
  • The Placement Process would commence from the first week of September.
  • Placement Cell sends invitations to companies along with relevant information.
  • Companies confirming for campus recruitment will be categorized into Category A, Category B and Category C. Company fills in JAF (Job Announcement Form) containing details of the job.
  • Company interested in PPT (Pre-Placement Talk) can send request to the Placement Officer along with the preferred dates.
  • The JAF is made available to the students along with the information about the company. Interested students can acknowledge by singing in the form and submit the same to the Placement Officer.
  • Placement Cell allots date in consultation with companies for campus interviews and the same is confirmed to the students.
  • If a student gets offer from more than one company then he/she must inform the placement cell about the job preference and the same will be communicated to the company by the placement officer. Further the placement officer will be responsible for informing the other companies which the student has not opted for.
  • Students once placed may not be allowed to appear for other interviews.

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